Medicare - Do you need an Insurance Agent for Medicare?

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In this video; I will reveal a few insights you can use to determine if the Medicare insurance agent you’re consulting with has your best interest in mind, or is keeping important information from you because they are more concerned with commissions than with your best interest. It happens more often than you think!
Several years ago I wrote an article for my website titled; Do I need an insurance agent for Medicare? The article itself is linked below. Little did I know at the time this would become my most popular article, by a wide margin. It has been read by tens of thousands of people and in each and every state in our country.

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To answer the question posed in the title of this video; Do you need an insurance agent or broker for Medicare? The simple answer is no. You can do this all on your own. But the advice you receive from a good, experienced agent can be invaluable and it will cost you nothing because you don’t pay an insurance agent or broker.
But, here’s the catch. When it comes to issues as complex as healthcare we all would like some help. Heck, I find myself wanting “help” or advice on much simpler decisions like choosing a place to eat or clothes to wear.
But, none of us want to be sold something.
There is a huge difference between working with someone that is offering advice based on their knowledge and experience, versus being sold something. None of us want to walk away from a transaction wondering if what we just purchased was in our best interest or the salespersons.

So, with that in mind, here is what you need to know, the knowledge you need to arm yourself and help give you confidence that you’re getting the right advice.
First; specializing in Medicare insurance and making a living at it is tough. Unlike other insurance products like life insurance and annuities that have high up-front commission payouts, most Medicare plans spread out the commissions paid to the agent over six to ten years. Because of this, most people that try to specialize in Medicare can’t make a living focusing on Medicare. Think about that for a moment.
They might only do insurance part time. Yes there are a large percentage of agents in this industry who tell you they are career agents, but in reality only work insurance part time. I will show you how to tell if that’s the case in a moment. Also, some may be full time in insurance, but their focus is on other insurance products and Medicare is just a small part of their business.
First, check out the agent’s website. Is Medicare front and center the primary focus of their business? Or does the website show Medicare as just one of several other insurance areas …are they a jack of all trades, master of none?
Second: If the agent doesn’t have a website or perhaps the email address they show is Agent so and so at or….that is a clear indication that you are dealing with someone with limited experience or success. Or, very likely a part time insurance person. Websites and personal emails are easy and inexpensive and the first thing a serious independent agent or broker will set-up when they open their doors for business.
Third: You might also get a sense that you’re dealing with a part-time agent if they only return calls after hours or you have difficulty spending time with them during regular working hours. Yes, this is more common than most realize.
I have heard many times from new clients how the other person they were talking to could never talk with them during the day. They always called back after hours, and it felt strange to them. Their gut was telling them something was off.
I believe in paying attention to your gut feelings!
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