Ezhel, Kelvyn Colt - LINK UP

Director: Kelvyn Colt & Max Gold
Videographer: Max Gold
Edit & Grade: Max Gold
Video Producer: Yared Abraham of Virtual Love
Production: TBHG Produced by Suena & Lucry
Mixed by Suena & Lucry
Mastering Engineer: Lex Barkey

All Rights Reserved TBHG Records & KOAL 2020

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I wake up blessed
As I get vexed and deal with stress I come back fresh
U know de shit gets worse that’s how it works I switch to next
Me and my Turks we swerve 36 Berlin Herz verletzt
They have no caicos but have the rifles to hear your final breath

Manitam rare like peace in middle east she’s hard to find
Everyone wants that fame but it got two sides
Spot me in my favorite spot my spati
Mama said don’t rap baby thank god that did not persuade me
Link up Lagos to İstanbul
030 312
No wahala as we come thru
Ich mache para ich mache fluss
Başkent to dünya wir haben es geschafft
Demediğin kalmadı bebe what’s up
Hala ilk günkü gibisin kesat
8 kat fazla euroylan hesap
Tüm alemi gezdim konuşur elalem rahat ol
Düşman dolu sağ sol yapar hesap
Umursayamam sizleri bak tüm ailem rahat bro
İncittiysem pardon sözüm kezzap
Demetevler Cebeci ve Küçükesat
Oynarım kaderle kader olur beş taş
Uyursunuz uyanıkken beyninizde narkoz
Anlamanız da zor sır gizem esrar
Gel gor
Dikka drei Uhr nachts
My world
We don’t sleep that much
Aktiv mit meinen shababs
Young G’s ain’t giving no fucks
65, to the 030, zone one nigga,
Got a couple post codes,
Plus I really live the shit that I rap
Been round the globe
Pin on the map,
I drop that thing like I don’t want it
If it hit you I bet you ain’t no warning,
If I met you, you did good then common in
Acting bad every night, and say good morning
Guten Tag, merhaba,
Arkadash, kick down, ich geb gaß
Police am arsch,
Shawdy is da
Traphone is jumping
But I’m selling bars
Link up Lagos to instanbul
030, 312
No wahala
as we come through
Ich mach para, ich mach flus
Link up Lagos to instanbul
030, 312
Talking home, Yeah I got a few
Alles baba, mir gehts gut
Nobody can catch me,
Man I feel Like Leonardo in a Murcialago,
Watch me take off
All around the globe
I gotta get it
That’s the motto
Came up from the bottom, Dont want no fake love
Sauce is so colossal baby catch up
Feel like Leonardo, no, they can’t catch us
All around the globe
I gotta get it
That’s the motto
Came up from the bottom,
Dont want no fake love

Music video by Ezhel, Kelvyn Colt performing LINK UP. © 2020 TBHG Records & KOAL

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