DEVA EK RAKSHAK - HD Hindi Dubbed Avtion Movie - Srihari, Meena Durairaj, Suman And Raghuvaran

Srihari, Meena Durairaj, Posani Krishna Murali, Suman, Raghuvaran.

Dasanna (Srihari) is an orphan. Dasanna is rescued and raised by Bhupathiraju, Jamindar of Rajampadu. Dasanna is overtly devoted to Bhupathiraju.
Suman wants to get his sister Malliswari married to a good family. To earn money he goes abroad to Dubai on a contract.
Bhupathiraju notices Malliswari at a carnival, and he is interested in her. She is in the protection of her aunt Kantham and sister-in-law Vijaya. His henchmen, seeks help from Kantham and Vijaya to convince Malliswari for marriage. They conspire and show Dasanna's photograph as prospective groom.
After the marriage, Malliswari realizes that Bhupathiraju is her husband. She tries to escape from them. Dasanna brings her back to Bhupathiraju.
Kantham and Vijaya defend themselves about their conspiracy, try to convince Bhupathiraju and leave Malliswari with him.
Suman, after learning the truth through a letter he received from Malliswari, tries to rescue her. Bhupathiraju's henchmen kill Suman. Before his death, Suman reveals the whole truth to Dasanna. Dasanna, now realizes that he was Malliswari's choice of groom.
Dasanna rescues Malliswari when Bhupathiraju's brother tries to rape her. Dasanna takes her away. Bhupathiraju sends his goons to kill Dasanna. After a fight Dasanna tries to convince Bhupathiraju about the whole situation.
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