Clean Bandit - Solo feat. Demi Lovato [Japan Edition]

The Japanese music video of Clean Bandit’s “Solo” from New Album "What Is Love?"

This video was filmed in Kyoto and focuses on the dichotomy of trying to breakaway your feelings and moving-on from your past with the inner-turmoil that comes along with it.

The music video features a popular local dancer named NANA from the dance unit KiKiRara. NANA portrays the feeling of wanting to breakaway (dressed as a Maiko) as well as the feeling of wanting to hang-on, portrayed as a-lady-in-a -black-costume.

This music video was filmed in Japan’s historical and beautiful tourist sites in Kyoto, Japan.

As mentioned in a line of their 2014 hit single Rather Be; “… with every step we take Kyoto to The Bay”, it was important to deliver Clean Bandit’s love for Kyoto.

The music video was shot at the Gion District, Yasaka Shrine, and Kyoto Tower as the backdrop.

Hokanji Temple which is a 5-story Buddhist pagoda was specially lit for the filming of the night scenes.

The filming mainly took place inside Tofuku Temple and Toji Temple.

The scene where NANA walks side-by-side as a Maiko/ as a-lady-in-a -black-costume was filmed inside Sanmon Gate. The gate was designed in 1952 and has been selected to be one Japanese National Treasure. The temple is regarded to be one of the oldest, greatest and most gorgeous of all Zen Buddhist Temple in Japan.

Dancer: NANA from KikiRara

Black dress provided by Ground Y

Kimono First Kyoto
Director: Yutaka Obara

Cinematographer: Shunichiro Yamamoto
Lighting Director: Takaaki Miyanishi
Art: Takuya Nakatsuka
MoVI Operator: Takehiro Nakamura
Costume: Ground Y, first Kyoto
Kimono dresser: Sumiko Suzuki , Moriyu Shindo
Hairdresser: Mineko Niwa
Make up: Tomoko Yabe , Kazuyo Kanamaru
Colorist: Naotaka Takahashi
Editor: Hitoshi Kimura , Masayuki Kubo
Poduction Manager: Ayaka Suzuki(TYO drive)
Producer: Hajime Baba(TYO drive)
Title design: Ai Ishimatsu
Creative Director: Yu Tsubaki

■Song Information
Clean Bandit - "Solo feat. Demi Lovato

Album "What Is Love?" is available now!!
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