A great Tom Platz interview by Terry Wogan for the BBC

Mr Universe Tom Platz interviewed byTerry Wogan. When I first saw this on television I found it very motivational and it really summed up steroid use for me for he said ' Steroids don't make the champion, it comes from within, without steroids the same people would be winning the competitions'

Before this interview, body builders on television were only shown as 'meat heads' this interview changed that as Tom came across as extremely likeable, intelligent and articulate.

In my late teens his book ' pro-style body-building' was my training bible, a very inspiring read. If you wish to buy this book click here: https://amzn.to/2MULIO3

I started body building at the age of 14 initially to build myself up for rugby and then the body building took over, I've personally never touched steroids and have entered a few natural competitions, now at the age of 46 I still train at the gym within La Forge and hope to compete again soon.
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La Forge and La Veille Maison have a gym for those wishing to enjoy the French cuisine while still keeping trim.
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